3 Advantages Of Getting Your Dentures At A Denture Clinic

Posted on: 6 June 2015

If you need to get dentures, you have a few options for how you go about obtaining your dentures. You can go through your regular dentist for all your fittings for your new dentures. Or you can go to a denture clinic that specializes in creating dentures. Here are the top three advantages of going to a denture clinic over your regular dentist for your dentures. #1. Denture Clinics Offer Specialization
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2 Tooth Extraction Problems To Watch For If Considering A Dental Implant

Posted on: 8 May 2015

Dentists try to save natural teeth, but sometimes the level of damage doesn't make this possible. A tooth extraction opens up the space for a stronger dental replacement. Dental implants are one of the strongest dental replacement options due to their metal root embedded into the jawbone. Receiving a dental implant requires your mouth to be in optimal health, so its important to watch for potential problems following extraction. Those problems could lead to gum and bone damage that can take the dental implant option off the table.
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3 Reasons To Use Your Dentist For Your Teeth Whitening Needs

Posted on: 9 April 2015

Everyone wants to have a bright, perfect smile. Luckily, getting whiter teeth isn't hard and nowadays doesn't even require any sort of fancy procedures to do. With a little help from the dentist, you too can have a brighter, more attractive style. Getting in-office whitening is an extremely economical way to make your smile pop. Of course, you might wonder why you shouldn't just use over-the-counter whiteners instead? There are some benefits that only a dentist can give you.
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3 Potential Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt During Your Daily Run

Posted on: 18 March 2015

Running is an exhilarating activity that positively impacts your health. Yet, tooth pain can significantly interfere with the enjoyment that you derive from your daily runs. Here are three possible reasons why your teeth hurt during your runs. Are You Grinding Your Teeth? "Bruxism" is the medical term used to identify the subconscious grinding and clenching of teeth. Over time, bruxism wears away teeth and their protective enamel. It also causes other physical pains, like jaw soreness and headaches.
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